Day 20 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This piece started with 9-10 layers of encaustic medium, fused between layers with the heat gun. I wanted to create this 3-dimensional thread grid, and I wanted the threads to appear to float above the medium. Each layer of threads was coated with 2 more layers of medium (fused in between :) ) to create a transparent appearance. This piece was actually made last week, as a back-up in case I missed a day in the studio. Today was a full-day teaching gig so I'm posting this piece now.

I like the simplicity, the colors, and the creamy-ness of the wax. I think it works nicely with the button piece from Day 9. Thanks for visiting!



Day 16 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This was a fun little collage that started as something quite different. I wanted to create a snowscape and started with a white-on-white landscape on top of 2 layers of wax medium over an encaustic gesso ground. When I incised the trees to add thin branches to the snow-covered leaves I realized I was starting with to shallow a wax base, and the ink spread out. I went with it and created an abstract collage, adding bits and pieces from old works. I encased each element into its own wax layer to add depth and then dripped some of that beautiful alcohol ink onto the top layer. Finally I added a tiny rusted pipe fitting, dead center. 

I like the abstract piece and the colors, and the rust works well with all of the materials. Now, revisiting the piece, I think I'll add some wire elements, threaded through the little pipe, so it may not be finished yet. Thanks for visiting!

Abstract Collage