Day 20 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This piece started with 9-10 layers of encaustic medium, fused between layers with the heat gun. I wanted to create this 3-dimensional thread grid, and I wanted the threads to appear to float above the medium. Each layer of threads was coated with 2 more layers of medium (fused in between :) ) to create a transparent appearance. This piece was actually made last week, as a back-up in case I missed a day in the studio. Today was a full-day teaching gig so I'm posting this piece now.

I like the simplicity, the colors, and the creamy-ness of the wax. I think it works nicely with the button piece from Day 9. Thanks for visiting!



Day 7 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This little painting is adapted from an image I took at Dead Horse Bay. I love the bottle green color, and I wanted to play with it in encaustic.. The colors are so luninous. It was painted with oil sticks over 6 layers of encaustic medium, then covered with medium and fused between each layer with the heat gun. That's it; simple and fun.

If I had more time I might add some design elements in the background like little white stars.. Thanks for visiting!

Bottle Green

Day 5 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This is a simple little landscape. I was practicing layering the wax, mixing color and creating texture by varying the temperature of the wax across the piece. The composition is borrowed from a demo I watched on line; I added the sunset colors. I used some oil paints to deepen the color. The streaks are caused by my impatience; not allowing the oils to dry completely before adding the final layer of wax medium. I think it looks okay, and even adds some movement to the piece, but in the interest of full disclosure - there it is.

I enjoyed experimenting with the oils and wax. This technique opened up a more flexible way of working with color than using the pigmented wax alone. I'm looking forward to practicing and refining the the use of these materials over time. Thanks for visiting!

Sunset Grove