Day 13 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This painting started as something completely different. I started with the usual 7 layers of medium, then incised a grid and dropped a different color of alcohol ink into each square. The result was similar to the button piece, visually. I really liked the way it looked but then added some ink to it, and when I wiped away the excess I ruined the effect. I had pressed the letters "raspberry beret" into the piece because of the color and the somewhat musical structure of the design. So I let the ruined painting sit for several days and came back to it today. I decided to paint over the grid with a white version of a pussy hat, playing on the idea of the raspberry beret. I added several layers of color, using oil sticks and mixing red, white and clear wax, then incised the grid over the hat and filled it with red oil stick. Finally I pressed the letters in again and filled them with orange. This time I did not add a final layer of wax medium; I wanted it to stay gritty.

I really like the color play and how the image floats above the grid. Thanks for visiting!


Day 11 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This piece combines working with the alcohol inks with incising. I started with 7-8 layers of medium, fusing between each layer with the heat gun to create a smooth surface. Next I dropped circles of the alcohol ink in a random pattern, following an online demo. The stems were scored with a pin tool, then the ink was dripped into the channels and the excess was wiped away. The "grass" at the bottom of the frame was created with oil sticks, then the scoring was repeated and ink added to create a textural element. The ink was fused lightly, then a final coat of medium was applied over the entire surface.

This process is extremely difficult to control, so the piece is loaded with imperfections. But I do like the result; serendipity can be a great element of these processes. Thanks for visiting!

The Garden Grows