Day 3 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

I really enjoy using these stamps. This piece began with 6-7 layers of encaustic medium, fused between each layer with the heat gun. I added 3 layers of titanium white pigmented wax (fusing between each layer). I applied the wax cold so that it would rough up and create a textured surface. I could have left it right there: it resembled snow and was pretty pleasing at that point. But I picked up a couple of the stamps and pressed into the surface, thinking about lace. Finally I applied oil sticks, rubbing pigment into the depressions and then wiping it away, but not completely. The color cast left behind made sense and I repeated the process with 2  additional colors. A final coat of wax and a fusing finished the piece.

The title of this piece is "Scranton Lace" after the many days spent photographing the Scranton Lace Factory in Pennsylvania. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Scranton Lace