Day 2 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

Today I used some wallpaper stamps I found in a store in Hudson, NY last spring. After coating the board with six layers of wax medium I pressed one stamp several times to create a roller coaster shape. I used oil sticks to rub pigment into the channels created by the stamps and then coated the rest of the piece with color pigment, layering wax over the surface after each step and fusing each layer with the heat gun. I used the "crown" stamp, treating it with the same technique and buried that under several layers of wax. Finally, I used letters from a punch stamp set and repeated the oil stick method: rubbing the pigment into the letters and wiping away the excess.

The title of the piece is "She Married a Roller Coaster" after a story I heard on a podcast on my way to the studio today. Thanks for visiting!

She Married a Roller Coaster.jpg