Day 1 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This painting started with a layer of encaustic gesso from R and F Paints. I added 6 layers of encaustic medium and then used a fragment of a funky wallpaper stamp to incise e the crown-shaped impressions into the warm wax. I used pigment sticks from R and F to add color to the crowns. The piece was fused and another layer of wax medium was applied. The pigment stick was used again to draw a pattern onto that layer, then another coat of wax applied. The rusty ring was pushed into the wax and fused. Finally, I used a needle to draw the lines radiating from  the ring, and dropped alcohol ink into the channels. This last step was so satisfying; I love how the ink knows where to go. One last coat of wax, one last fuse and the piece is done. 

Today was about trying different materials for incising and adding color to play with texture and line. It was a fun study and I'll use these tools again. Thanks for checking in!

Gold and Rust