30/30 Day 7

This was a fun little collage; I've always been inspired by the connection between music and photography. Using the negative as a collage element brings it into a new realm of art-making, and is a comment on how irrelevant film has become to photography for so many young artists - a fact I'm reminded of daily by my students. Pasting on the old, dry watercolor pan underscores the notion of using art materials as the subject. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!


30/30 Challenge Day 4

This little collage was made on the smartphone. I used 4 images of roses, shot at the same time, with the same lighting. I took the 4 into PS express on the iPhone and collaged them using a provided template. I then saved the collage and brought it into Photo Toaster, where I added a texture effect. I'm playing with some of the apps on the smartphone as I'll be teaching them in my Digital Photography class this fall. Thanks for visiting!


30/30 Challenge Day 3

I've been saving the pits from our wonderful Palisade Peaches, planning to use them in a piece or two. This tree has been sitting in the studio for a long time, with too much space on the bottom. I decided to line up some of the beautiful peach pits along the bottom and then coat the piece with wax. I'm happy with the result. Thanks for visiting!


30/30 Challenge Day 2

This little collage was inspired by the women in my little artist book class this summer. Breaking some rules I've always worked by: covering the entire surface of the piece, making things big, making things match, avoiding the number 13. 13 has been lucky for me so I'm celebrating it here. Enjoy and thank you for visiting.


30/30 Challenge

Yes I am committing to the September 30/30 Challenge: 30 paintings in 30 days. Only I'm planning to do 30 collage/assemblage pieces. This image is from my journal, an homage to Bowie. After watching The Martian I fell in love with this song again. The image just kind of evolved from some doodles. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!