Day 9 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

I wanted to create this button piece for my daughter, who has taken an interest in sewing. A lot of my photography is around textiles: abandoned silk factories and clothing mills from the early 20th century. And my mixed media work references weaving and needlecraft. So I collected these buttons and put them together in a grid against a simplicity pattern from the 1960's - one that my mother might have used in a time when she made all of my sister's and my clothes. The piece began with 8 layers of encaustic medium. I floated the pattern onto the liquid wax on the top- most layer so that it would appear transparent. I added a few more layers of medium and then embedded the buttons before topping the piece off with a final layer of wax.

I like the perceptual effect of the differently-sized buttons: the energy created between them vibrates with energy against the creamy base of the wax. Thanks for visiting!

Button Button