Day 12 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

This is a photograph of my friend's (late) car. It was captured with my iPhone and processed in Lightroom. Next, the photograph was printed on rice paper. Rice paper is a great medium for encaustic because, if handled properly the paper will seem to dissolve into the warm wax, leaving the image to appear to float on the surface of the piece. I prepared the ground with 6 layers of encaustic medium, fusing between each layer to create a smooth surface. The 7th layer was left liquid, and the image was floated onto the surface, effectively melting into that top layer. Two additional layers of medium were added, fusing in between.

I like the effect of the wax over a photograph. The wax appears to preserve the image and adds a diffused look that is pleasing with vintage subject matter. Thanks for visiting!

Chris' Car